WATER : The World in Chaos

Water is a 2D Sci-Fi side scrolling shooter game for Nintendo Switch. Set in the year 2080 after aliens steal all the water from earth and the whole world has fallen into anarchy.


Omnipotent aliens live on a mysterious planet far from the earth. They have recently fallen short of water supply. One day Foolien, the Boss of the aliens, is watching the earth TV channels and sees a big and fantastic waterpark in one of the programs. He sees that people are having fun there and wishes to have one too. But there is no water on his planet to make his dream come true. He decides to take water for his waterpark from the earth. So they get ready and then attack the earth. But the astronaut heroes from the earth unite to go to the aliens’ planet to take the water back and save the world.


awesome super heroes

4 awesome heroes with jetpacks
capable of different power and speeds.


Epic bosses fight await you!

Challenging over 10 epic mini-bosses and bosses.
Boss battles aren't just enemy fighters. Think
large beasts, villains, boss arenas, and even
more cameos. Deplete their health bars and
destroy. them. all.



We have been working on WATER for a little more
than a year now. After finding the perfect art style
for the game we wanted to make, we decided to create
more than a game. Fun art takes time to make, especially
with a single artist on the team.


Easy control and amazing art with fun combat

Explore a vast and unknown planet by
fully-functional airships. To fend off the aliens
attack use gun, grenade or simply jet away to
another place.


Horde survival isn't just fighting ai enemy fighters

Different types of enemies such as crazy robots, strange
creatures Take on hordes of minion enemies, all with unique
traits and AI. Survive as long as possible against enemies,
hazards and various challenges!

 Developed by




Nimble Point is an indie games developer in Adelaide, South Australia. Our goal is developing high-quality Nintendo Switch video games. Right now we’re working on Water:TheWorldInChaos, a challenging little 2D Sci-Fi side scrolling shooter game.


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